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Dangers of E-Cigarettes/Vaping

Dangers of E-Cigarettes/Vaping

E-Cigarettes/ Vaping is NOT a healthy alternative to cigarette smoking. Just like cigarettes, Vaping is dangerous and can cause serious health concerns. Most Vaping products contain the same level of nicotine as an entire pack of cigarettes. This leads to dependence and addiction. Vaping can lead to cardiovascular (heart) diseases, respiratory (lung) diseases, oral diseases, even injuries and poisonings. Injuries can occur if the vaping device explodes which can cause burns or projectile injuries. Also, poisoning can occur by intentional or accidental exposure to the e-liquids from eye contact or contact on the skin.

The human brain continues to develop until the early to mid-20’s. Nicotine exposure can disrupt the growth of brain circuits that control attention, learning, and susceptibility to addiction. Nicotine exposure during youth and young adulthood can lower impulse control and can lead to mood disorders (Surgeon General E-Cigarette Use Among Youth and Young Adults, a report from the Surgeon General -Fact Sheet). Teens should avoid cigarettes and vaping. The only healthy alternative is to not smoke and to not vape!

Although the law states a person must be 18 to buy e-cigarette/vaping supplies, the statistics show that advertising and marketing is geared toward younger generations. There are over 7,000 flavors to vape, making it appealing to teens.  

Vaping can lead to many health concerns but can also lead to disciplinary action if done on school property.  Page 21 of the Jr/Sr High School handbook states: Possession/use/sale of tobacco and electronic cigarettes:  Parent contact and/or restitution and/or action up to 10 day suspension and/or recommendation for expulsion and/or inform local authorities. This applies to anywhere on school property. 

Please see the links below for more information on how e-cigarettes/vaping is NOT safe.