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Neoga CUSD 3



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Technology Planning & Policies

Ms. Kessler's Virtual Office

Present with Technology

Technology Planning: The foundation of the triangle is where we must continually put the greatest effort, to ensure as we move up, we are moving forward with policies and tools that best support or staff and students. (updated 11/17/2016)

Staff & Student Support

ISTE Standards:

For Teachers:

For Instructional Coaches

For Administrators:

For Students

Standards for Teachers


Standards for Administrators

Standards for Students

Essential Conditions


Profiles for Students



The SAMR Model, designed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura encourages educators to make instructional changes that aren't dependent upon one particular tool, but rather different types of practice

e associated with the tools. 

Information Problem Solving Model - the district adopted the Big Six problem solving model as a means of having a standard of information problem solving across the district. The Super 3 is for students in K-3 grades.




Hardware Focus: A cohesive district approach to leveraging funds and materials across grade levels.

  • Continue to invest in and building a mobile device library that supports the curriculum, and balances online testing demands of the state.

  • Continue to support and upgrade hardwired labs that support curriculum, including STEM initiatives, as well as the online testing demands of the state

  • Continue to upgrade infrastructure to support a robust network for either wired or wireless traffic

  • Continue to expand the wireless network in all buildings

  • Continue to provide tools to teachers that support their curriculum.